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What is Adobe Business Catalyst?

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Business Catalyst is the new way for web designers to give clients a full-featured website in less time and for less cost than previously possible. You only pay an Adobe-certified Business Catalyst web developer a one-time fee to set up your site and train you, then you can operate the site yourself!

Adobe Business Catalyst is perfect for local and national business websites as well as for e-commerce sites that need to collect or publish info via online forms, record customer info in a database, collect payments, or sell any kinds of products or services online.  Adobe's exciting system lets you:

  1. Add and edit web pages on your website without needing to call a web developer each time, thanks to an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that lets you use your web browser to click within the page just as you see it, enter new copy or images, then click "Save" to publish changes. See a video demo.
  2. E-commerce features (optional) let you sell anything on your site, either in complete shopping cart system, or as one-time payments when a form is completed, or as recurring billing for subscriptions or services.
  3. Create web forms to collect info, recording the data into a central customer database, all without needing a web developer's help.
  4. E-marketing sends email campaigns to different lists of customers, like sales prospects, people who complete an online form, or past customers who haven't purchased lately.
  5. Powerful plug-and-play modules let your site have advanced features like blogs, secure membership zones, photo galleries, literature libraries, FAQs, news and event calendars and announcements, event bookings, and database web apps that let visitors submit info or search for info.
  6. Reporting can query certain customers in the database, then send e-marketing to them or export as a spreadsheet list.
  7. Online Help buttons on every page let you learn how to operate your website. To get a taste of how the system works you can review these Business Catalyst Online Tutorials.

How Adobe Business Catalyst Saves You Money

With Business Catalyst you save two ways:

  1. You operate your website at a low monthly cost paid directly to Adobe, either $9, $19, or $39 depending on which features you need. This includes hosting your site on the Adobe U.S. Data Center, plus all future updates to Adobe's software.
  2. You save when we design your website in Adobe Business Catalyst because it lets us develop your site in less time for less cost. That's because Adobe, the leader in developing web design software, has created an easy-to-use system that has ready-made software modules that let your website quickly do anything you wish. Your web designer no longer has to spend weeks writing every piece of code needed to make your site work. Instead, the designer configures the ready-made modules to achieve your business goals, finishing in hours or days what use to take weeks or months to achieve. With Business Catalyst we can develop full-featured powerful online business sites for a third of the cost it previously took.
Atlanta Web Design GA LLC is an authorized Adobe Business Catalyst Partner. We are an expert Business Catalyst developer.

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