Edit Your Own Website Pages

Most web designs we create enable the website owner to edit and add pages to the web site without needing our help, saving you money. We provide training to show you how to use your web browser to add and edit pages. No additional software is needed.

We design edit-yourself sites in Adobe Business Catalyst and WordPress and both allow you to edit pages with a visual page builder, meaning you can visit any web page on your site using your browser, and just click into the page to change the words or design. You edit the page while seeing it just like your web visitors do!

Adobe Business Catalyst In-Context Editing

Editing your own site is easy when we design your web site in Adobe Business Catalyst, because the newest technology is available that let's you edit a page exactly while you view it in your web browser. Just click into any text area on your screen, add or revise text, and click Save and Publish and you've updated a new page on the Internet. You can easily change photos and graphics, and add hyperlinks so clicking text in an article will take the user to another web page on your site or anywhere on the Internet. We train you how to do this, but you can also review online instructions provided by Adobe for their In-Context EditingLearn More View Business Catalyst Video Tour

WordPress Editing

Our WordPress websites also let you edit your web page while viewing it in your browser as-you-see-it. We install a Visual Page Builder that lets you edit pages while viewing them just as your web visitors see them. Just click into the page to select an area, and change the text, colors, images, etc. It also has a non-visual editor that resembles Microsoft Word, with similar tools to let you change text, add links and images or videos, and style headlines.

What's The Cost?

WordPress is ideal if you only are publishing web pages or blog articles and costs less than $50 a year to operate your site.

Adobe Business Catalyst is a powerful platform that also lets you create online forms to save info in a customer database without any programming needed, plus sell anything online and send e-marketing messages to prospects or customers. The monthly cost to operate the site is either $12, $18, or $39 a month depending how which features you need.

With either WordPress or Adobe Business Catalyst, you'll pay a one-time fee to us to design your site, install the software, and train you how to operate it. Our site development costs average from $1200 to $2400.

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