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Our web design philosophy

Atlanta Web Design GA wishes to be your partner who keeps your web site making money, not costing you money.

Beyond creating a beautiful web design for you, we like teaching you how to use the Internet to make your business grow. You’ll learn how to have a web site that gets the search engines to bring more visitors, then gets those web visitors to pick up the phone, email you, or drive to your location.

Atlanta Web Design GA LLC creates web sites for small business and large firms including web design for: local Atlanta businesses, services, retailers, manufacturers, professionals, doctors, and dentists. We design your online shopping cart, social network web site, or a custom web site that you can edit yourself using your web browser and an hour of our training.

Questions about Atlanta web design

What's included in every web design project?

  • Free meetings in metro Atlanta to discuss your project, before and after you new web design goes online.
  • A web design featuring your color scheme, logo, and photos.
  • Web site navigation customized to showcase the unique features of your business, products and services.
  • Research to learn which Google search keywords your web site must feature to get free visitors from search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to design your web site with important Google keywords in the correct places so your site ranks high with Google.
  • A contact page including an email form and an interactive location map that can give visitors directions.
  • Social network buttons on pages: Facebook like, Google +1, Twitter, etc.
  • Registration of your web site with the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing.
  • Installation of Google Analytics visitor reporting software to show how many visitors daily see you web site, how many minutes are spent reading each web page, what keywords and web sites were used to guide them to your web site, and much more.
  • Setup of email @yourdomainname with up to 10 free email addresses a year
  • Registering you as owner of your domain name and web hosting account at a discount rate when you obtain those through Atlanta Web Design GA LLC.

What advanced features can my web design have?

  • Animated jQuery or Flash header to quickly communicate your business sales points
  • HDTV web video showcasing your business or product on your web site as well as You Tube
  • A featured content panel to animate your latest articles so visitors can’t miss them
  • Web forms to collect information and store in a database, spreadsheet, or email info to you
  • Online payments
  • Shopping cart within your regular web site, or as a stand-alone e-commerce web site
  • Photo gallery that you can add photos to
  • Built-in ability to email blast messages to customers, prospects or business associates
  • Members area where users with passwords or paid memberships can access private pages
  • Social network: Facebook-like features, discussion boards, comments on pages
  • Web forms so visitors can submit directory listings or articles for web publication
  • Scheduling software so customers can book appointments or events

How much do you charge for web design?

  • Atlanta Web Design GA charges $60 an hour for web design work, but can quote a flat fee for your project after we discuss your web design requirements by phone, via our contact form, or preferably in person. Our web design services usually total $1200 to $2400 to create your site from scratch, unless your web site is unusually complicated.
  • We usually require 50% payment when we begin your project, with the balance due when we launch your site online.
  • You may pay by check or by credit card with Google Checkout. Payments are non-refundable, since at the time of payment we give you all rights of ownership to all materials we have created, excluding of course the rights to any third-party owned materials used within your site such as photographs, graphics, videos, music and software plug-ins and server operating systems.

How quickly can you design our web site?

  • We often have web designs online within 2-3 weeks of starting your project. The speed depends on whether we are waiting for your info, photos, etc.

How many pages does my web site need to have?

  • Your web design needs to be big enough to impress Google that you are the most relevant web site for the search engine keywords we are targeting. Atlanta Web Design GA determines your needed web site size after studying your competitors’ web sites you must equal or beat.

Can you guarantee a high rank on Google search results?

  • Once we determine which search engine keywords you are targeting, and study the competition that already owns the leading positions on Google for those keywords, we can tell you how easy or hard it is to score a winning position on Google. Sometimes Atlanta Web Design GA can guarantee we can get you on page #1 of Google, sometimes we will tell you it requires more pages and a bigger site than your budget can afford. Most of our clients do very well in Google search results, which is why 80% of our business comes from referrals from Atlanta Web Design GA clients. But we sometimes turn down projects. We won’t work for you unless we believe it’s possible to create a winning web site within your budget.

What software do you use to design my web site?

  • For simpler web sites you can edit yourself, we create your web design within a WordPress content management system (CMS) installed on your web hosting server.
  • For online businesses your can operate yourself, which can include web pages, blogs, shopping cart, online payments, online billing, event booking, email marketing, discussion groups, and private member areas, we recommend building your site within Adobe Business Catalyst. We are an authorized Business Catalyst partner.
  • For regular web design we use Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web using current web standards: valid XHTML and CSS tableless layout and programming with Javascript, jQuery, PHP and the MySql database.

What web design services does Atlanta Web Design GA offer?

  • Adobe Business Catalyst design
  • Adobe Dreamweaver web design
  • Adobe Illustrator graphic design
  • Domain Name Registration for $9.95 a year
  • E-Commerce web development
  • Email Server, up to 50 free email addresses @yourdomain
  • Flash Animation
  • HDTV Web Video Shooting and Editing with Adobe Premiere
  • Online Payments
  • Microsoft Express Web design
  • Programming in Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySql
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Shopping Cart Software
  • Social Network Software
  • SSL Certificates
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting for $47.88 a year
  • Web Marketing
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

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