Mission Statement for Atlanta Web Design GA

  • We quickly design your very affordable, attractive web site to rank high in Google search results.
  • Atlanta Web Design GA LLC is an affordable web designer for small businesses and larger corporations.
  • We use the lastest web technologies to design responsive websites that display pefectly on mobile phones, tablets and large PCs.
  • We design business web sites, online shopping carts, and HDTV web video.
  • We design for clients in China, Australia, the USA and our home city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Why Choose Atlanta Web Design GA LLC?

web sites should make money

Web sites should make money, not cost money.

Your phone must ring, orders must come in. We design web sites that work, based upon a good web marketing strategy.
web sites rank high in Google

We design web sites that rank well in Google.

When you design your web site right, you won't need to pay someone else for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We're proud of our clients' high rank in Google searches.
Our web site clients refer their friends

Clients refer 80% of our Atlanta web design business.

When your web site helps your business, you'll tell your friends. We often build a second site for clients after their first web site makes a profit.
We do small business web sites

We design small business web sites, not just big firms.

Small businesses need immediate sales results, so it's challenging for us to produce quick results. We thrive on helping businesses get results from their website.
web sites at the lowest cost

Run your web site at the lowest cost.

$3.99 a month to operate your site, or $47.88 a year. Plus $9.95 a year for a domain name.
a web site you can edit

Add pages and photos to your web site yourself.

In an hour, we'll teach you how to edit your own web site, so you add web pages to rank better in Google search. All you need is your web browser. No need to pay us every time you need revisions.
web design cost

We give free flat-rate web design quotes. Just contact us.

Let us know your needs and we'll give you a free quote. Most web sites we design cost $1200 to $2000.
HDTV web video and Flash

We produce HDTV web video and Flash animation.

Create low-cost TV ads for You Tube or your web site. We have HDTV cameras and broadcast-quality video editing, plus years of experience in Atlanta TV station broadcasting. Our Flash animations help web visitors quickly understand your sales points.
own your web site

We don't rent you a web design, we give you ownership.

We aren't like many Atlanta web designers who rent you a domain name or site you really don't own. We make you the owner from day one. It's your web site, not ours.


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