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Some of our reasons for liking WordPress:

  • WordPress is ideal for designing an affordable small-business website, whether it's a corporate site, a service or retail business, an information site, or a small e-commerce store.
  • Since the WordPress software is free, your cost to operate your site only $3.95 a month for hosting on a web server, on which we install and maintain your own copy of WordPress.
  • We can develop complicated sites at a lower cost because WordPress has versatile plug-ins that add any functionality you need, like animated photo galleries, video players, much more.
  • WordPress is easy to for you to learn. We train you in less than 2 hours to add and edit your own web pages.
  • WordPress can collect info from users with forms you can easily create yourself, storing info in a database.
  • WordPress is search-engine friendly, so most of our WordPress sites rank atop Google search results, either nationally or within their local markets.
  • WordPress handles conventional web pages, as well as time-sensitive material automatically categorized by topics.
  • WordPress allows web visitors to publish info on your website, after you approve it.
  • Multiple authors in your firm can work on one site because it keeps track of revisions by different users.
  • WordPress can host small e-commerce websites, if the shipping and checkout requirements aren't complicated.

About WordPress:

Way back in 2003 WordPress began so bloggers could write on the Internet. Because the free WordPress code is OpenSource, developers around the world began contributing new code to the WordPress community. Within a few years WordPress became the most-popular content management system (CMS) on the Internet capable of designing any kind of web site: business, shopping cart, news magazine, portfolio, entertainment, Fortune 500, multi-user chats, and even mobile.

Who uses WordPress? People Magazine, The New York Times, UPS, Katy Perry, Best Buy, Harvard University, CNN, and over 30 million websites.

Atlanta WordPress  Designers

We've created hundreds of web sites in WordPress, watching it grow as new features are added weekly  through plug-ins and themes contributed freely by programmers around the world. We have WordPress clients located in China, Hawaii, and scattered from California to Maryland to Florida and of course many hometown Atlanta WordPress web sites. During the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010, we overnight created a WordPress site that within a few weeks took job applications from over 60,000 people who had the specialized resources to clean up the disaster.

As a WordPress designer we design custom themes just for you, or when budget is limited customize an existing design theme. We're experts who can create WordPress custom post types and plug-ins or modify WordPress PHP program code or develop jQuery or Javascript to add any functionality you need.

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